Send bulk instant messages to employees and customers, get instant feedback.

BlastCast is a simple-to-use business communications tool that allows you to send bulk instant
messages to your customers and employees and immediately get feedback!


Reach your employees and customers instantly.

Communicate with customers and employees on their own mobile device. It's the perfect tool for internal communications or engaging your customers.


Any device, anywhere, single rate.

Reach contacts all over the world, on almost any device - from a feature phone to the latest smartphone and tablet.

With a single flat message rate, regardless of country or region, BlastCast is the most cost effective communication solution for your internal communications or customer engagement strategy.


Get instant feedback.

Monitor your internal and customer communication by tracking who receives, opens and responds to your messages, get instant feedback with real-time statistics and reports.

Insight into your internal and customer communication have never been easier!

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Instant Messaging

Save time and money by messaging your contacts in large volumes instantly.

Monitor Correspondence

Track who has received, read and responded to your messaging. Get rich insight into your employee and customer communication.

Security & Privacy Guaranteed

Your messages, data and user information is secure.

Auto Erase Sent Message (coming soon)

Select to Auto delete messages from the contact's device after a select amount of time has passed. Helping you to protect sensitive information.

Broad Mobile Device Coverage

Reach thousands of mobile devices, from feature phones to smart phones, across all supported mobile operating systems.

Ensuring that your internal communication and customer reach is as broad as possible.

Receive Structured Feedback

Employees and customers can respond to predefined questions, ensuring you receive manageable, structured responses to internal and customer messages.

Global Network Coverage

Reach contacts anywhere in the world regardless of their geographic location or service provider.

BlastCast messages have a single flat message rate regardless of where in the world you are sending your message to.

Easy to use Web Interface

Quickly send messages to thousands of contacts, manage contacts and groups and monitor sent messages with a user friendly web interface.


Communicate with your employees and customers, manage your cost

A single flat per message rate, regardless of where you are sending messages to, significantly reduces your internal and customer communication costs.

Save up to 93% per message on traditional bulk SMS costs!

About the company

We are a platform technology company that enables large enterprises to rapidly create and deliver any mobile application to both internal staff as well as external customers across all the various mobile technologies, specifically native applications (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone & Java feature phones)

Virtual Mobile Technologies started in 2007, and is fortunate to count multiple listed companies as our clients with users across the globe.

About the platform

The Ramp platform, on which BlastCast is developed, allows large enterprises to rapidly create and deliver any mobile application to both internal staff as well as external customers across all the various mobile technologies, specifically native applications.

Ramp allows secure cross-platform mobile applications to be created in a fraction of the time and cost than previously possible.

Ramp handles hundreds of thousands of transactions and is developed to scale with your requirements.